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Sea Dreams VG Sml.jpg


The largest selection to date of JRob Abstract NFTs. Minted on the Wax blockchain's Atomic Hub and Nefty-Blocks, the collection features two exceptional sets - The Desert Abstract, and The Wax Bubbles series'. These captivating pieces are a testament to the creativity and versatility of JRob's digital art. Enrich your digital collection with these unique and exclusive NFTs.

Winter Delirium NFT sml_edited.jpg


A small collection of artworks created exclusively for Tezos, featuring "Ice Cold," "Sea Swimmer," and "Winter Delirium." Each piece is minted on Objkt, the largest collectibles marketplace on the Tezos blockchain. If you're a fan of digital art and want to add something distinctive to your collection, these Tezos-specific pieces are an excellent choice.

Clouds In the Wind.jpg


Effervescence is a captivating new collection featuring an explosion of bright and vivid colours, each piece IS full of energy and vibrancy. Minted on Polygon and Ethereum at OpenSea, these unique digital artworks are not just beautiful but also a great addition to any digital art collection. Experience the effervescence and immerse yourself in a world of colour and energy.

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