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All Visitors to The Desert Abstract Gallery with a valid Wax Wallet may claim a VIP Visitor Pass NFT.  Follow the directions below to claim your pass;

1. Get a Wax Wallet Address. If you don't have one, you can get one here;

2. Find the passphrase located on the mezzanine level signs in the gallery.

3. Send the Passphrase, along with your Wax Wallet Address, 

to JRob via Direct Message (only) to either;

Telegram, @JRob_Abstract

Discord @JROB#7699

Twitter @mydigitalthings

4. You're done!

Please allow 24-48hrs for transfer of your new NFTs to your wallet. 

Thanks for playing!

Want to win another NFT?

Play the Desert Abstract Quiz to win a promotional NFT

featuring art displayed in the gallery!

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